Yes, this is a LONG OVER DUE post! It’s been months – heck it’s been almost a year since I last wrote. And honestly I don’t have ante excuse other than the fact that 1) I’ve been really busy with work and 2) I’ve been really contemplating on what next to do with aFasione. I’ve come to a conclusion and I need to do a revamp – inject new life into the blog. Things have change a lot over the past few months and the way I see things, fashion and life have changed as well. And I think a new platform to showcase this perspective is much needed.

IMG_5403If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll actually see that I was in London recently and I think one of the biggest things that dawned on me while there is I just need to #lovelife! How apt it is for Celine to come up with the most fabulous shoes to put things into perspective – but yeah I really need to just crack on and love the life I have right now. It’s all I’ve got so what the heck eh? Well more on this new philosophy when I stage aFasione’s revamp. Should be out and about quite soon!

Anyway, moving on to other long over due things would be FJ Benjamin’s HUGE LUXURY SALE. Think brands like Celine and Givenchy on up to 85% off!! Yup you read it right, 85% off! It’ll be held this week from 255h – 26th of April at the Hilton hotel. And I have to say it’s a MUST that you go!! I’ve had amazing purchases from this sale a few years back that to this day are staples and must haves in my wardrobe.

PrintHope to see you guys at Hilton and let me know what purchases you guys have indulged in ok? I know I will!


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2 months have passed – literally 2 months – since I’ve written a blog post. You all must be wondering why the silence and well I’ve been contemplating about what next to do in my life. Some may call it “quarter life crisis”; I simply call it soul searching. I’m coming at a crossroads – and to a certain extent I guess I’ve been pondering about my next move. Singapore has been home for about 5 years now and I can’t complain about my life here. Amazing isn’t enough to capture the life I’ve led and am leading here. Singapore is a nice little bubble of a city to stay in and I’ve fallen into a comfortable routine of sorts – to the extent that I feel like I’ve found “home” – but deep down I’ve always known that I’m looking for something still.

NYC and Hong KongSuffice to say my travels the past few months – Hong Kong and New York of late – have shed some light on where I want to be next or even maybe what I want to do next. And it has been enlightening. So I guess I HAVE been soul searching. Changes to be made all around – even my blog is up for a face-lift in the next few weeks so do watch out for that – and I am ecstatic. Of course you’ll have to watch out for my posts on my Hong Kong and New York trips – I’ve seen so much and had so much fun that it’s sad I haven’t written on the go. But experiencing the cities and spending time with the people I was with was more important, rather than focusing on what to write about. So, you guys’ll have to make do with throwback posts ;)


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It’s no secret that I’ve been lusting after and obsessing over the recently launched Saint Laurent Paris spring-summer collection. In the next few days you’ll probably get bombarded with Saint Laurent related posts – after all I am obsessed so you’ll have to bear with me lol. Nonetheless, I myself have been wondering what the fixation I have is all about. Is it the simple yet provocative aesthetic seen across pieces from the collection? Is it the glorious return of the pant suits with tight-fitting silhouettes? Is it the evocative and statement-making accessories and pieces?

The Saint Laurent Boy is a GirlWell, Slimane best captures it in his recently released campaign [idea], if you will - THE SAINT LAURENT BOY IS A GIRL. It’s as simple as that. Saint Laurent’s collection brings to life the essence of my sense of fashion – the androgynous look, the blurring of gender lines, the transcendence of it all. Brilliant ain’t it? Yes it may be a provocative statement to make but honestly it’s a statement that needs to be made. Pure love! Enough said.


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A month or 2 ago, Hermés had an exhibit showcasing a collection of their infamous scarves and boy did I want me some of them! Gorgeous silk, unique and striking patterns – sheer art in motion. Makes you want to have one of your own. My favorite has got to be that floral print with the blue and white border – just gorgeous! What’s yours?


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I was so happy to have been given the chance to view the Gucci Flora Exhibit at Marina Bay Sands a few weeks back. It was a fashion spectacle – to see the history and how the now iconic flora print was born – is truly amazing. Sheer love! I was even bold enough to wear floral pants [from Mulberry's Spring-Summer 2013 collection] and as such, I think it’s high time for me to grab a pair of these iconic prints from Gucci. For now, will store it’s history in my memories.


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In case you’ve noticed, it’s been weeks…literally weeks that I’ve blogged. OMG. Things are just that hectic! Anyhoo, given the major backlog – pardon the photo bombing posts but I thought you guys would be interested to see some of the things I’ve been up to in the past few weeks [months even!].

First up - The Art of the Brick. This has got to be one of the most interesting exhibits I’ve seen in ages. Brilliant, creative and showcases extreme talent. Who would’ve thought you could do these with Lego bricks eh?


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Capping off my Givenchy lust for SS2013 pieces would be another feature on the Abstract Madonna Print. We had an event a few weeks back at work and for the first day, I wanted to make a splash. And a splash I did make – one in a blinding bright red pantsuit ensemble.

Suit from Zara, Tailored Pants and Black Shirt from Calvin Klein, Tie from Givenchy

Suit from Zara, Tailored Pants and Black Shirt from Calvin Klein, Tie from Givenchy, Bag and Ring from Saint Laurent Paris, Shoes from Alexander Wang

Of course that wasn’t enough. Being an attention whore myself when it comes to all things fashion, I had to put an exclamation point to this statement by wearing the Givenchy Abstract Madonna Tie in black. To say the least, the look was an instant hit – looks all over. Well, what can I say? I just love the fashion attention ;)

Givenchy Black Cotton Madonna Face Tie

Givenchy Black Cotton Madonna Face Tie

Givenchy Black Cotton Madonna Face Tie

Givenchy Black Cotton Madonna Face Tie

Retailing for around USD 190 from Ssense, I honestly think this is a fashion steal. What more, it makes for a perfect statement tie, which every dashing fashion conscious gent should have in their wardrobe anyhow.

Givenchy Black Cotton Madonna Print Tie

Givenchy Black Cotton Madonna Print Tie


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Givenchy has established countless series of prints that have become a cult in the fashion world – from sharks, to bulldogs, and religious icons. This spring-summer expect nothing but just that – lust worthy and iconic prints that are just to die for.


Abstract Madonna Oversized Shirt from Givenchy, Sneakers from Mulberry

Givenchy Madonna Abstract Oversized ShirtOne of my faves from the season would be the Abstract Madonna Print from the men’s runway presentation. It’s just a brilliant statement piece and can actually be considered art IMHO. Whoever else can say that they’re actually wearing a piece of iconic art eh?

Givenchy Madonna Abstract Oversized ShirtRetailing for around EURO 465 from Luisaviaroma, I highly recommend getting yourself a piece of this before it all vanishes. It’s such an iconic statement piece that it would be criminal to have one in your wardrobe.


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