The rumor mill is a buzz with all the juicy gossip on who will be the next designer to collaborate with H&M. News that Tom Ford will be the next fashion power house to jump on the bandwagon are flying all over – especially considering how H&M’s Creative Director Margareta van den Bosch finds it a very interesting tie-up. But before we get ourselves excited over the possibility of such, let’s set our sights on something that’s sooner rather than later.

As I’ve indicated in my first blog about the Versace for H&M collection a few months back, there were rumors that Donatella designed 2 collections to launch with H&M. How true this is, my guess is as good as yours. But with all the photos of the collection making rounds all over the blog-o-sphere, it seems like it’s a done deal.

From what’s available, it seems like it will be another interesting and wanted collection. The shoes that you see above are the piece de resistance in my opinion. Regardless, I’m sure fasione-istas all over will be clamoring for this collection when it does come to fruition.

As with everything else, there is a catch. Rumor has it that the collection will only be sold online. Yes, you read it right – online. That means, you can only purchase it from Sweden (obviously), the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway. Quite restricted eh? If this is true, then I am terribly disappointed. I hope that they change their minds and make this an open collection. Otherwise, what’s the point of launching designer collaborations made for the masses, if it’s not accessible at all? Masstige approach right? In any case, let’s wait with bated breath till we hear more news on this. For now, enjoy the indulgence of these fine teasers.

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