For a chill, laid back Saturday afternoon my friends and I decided to run and catch the Titanic Exhibit that opened here in Singapore at the Art Science Museum – Marina Bay Sands. Little did we know that we’d end up immersing ourselves in an afternoon of cultural delight, as lucky us, we got a pretty good deal and got to go to the Salvador Dali Exhibit as well. And I must say, it was worth the trip!

To say the least, the Titanic Exhibit was mildly interesting. You’ll find relics that were salvaged from the ship and it’s really intriguing to note how some – such as notes and dinnerware – have maintained quality in spite of the years they’ve been left underwater. The fun part of it was the experience the exhibit created.

You go in as one of the actual passengers of the Titanic and you experience the entire ship in it’s majesty – from the glamorous rooms, to the realistic deck showing the view of the sea, to the iceberg that led to the ship’s doom – it was simply mesmerizing.

I got to play the part of Mr. Emil Brandeis, who unfortunately was not found [unlike my 2 other friend’s characters who were found! LOL!]. Though I must say, my character lived THE life! Check out his real life biography above yourself.

Moving on to the Dali Exhibit, which I must say blew our minds away. His genius was truly reflected in his work and we just gobbled up everything – from the amazing structures, to the glittering sculptures and even the effervescent paintings – it was well worth the time.

Check out some of the photos from the exhibit [sad to say, no photos were allowed inside the Titanic] with more photos found on my Facebook page:

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