2 months have passed – literally 2 months – since I’ve written a blog post. You all must be wondering why the silence and well I’ve been contemplating about what next to do in my life. Some may call it “quarter life crisis”; I simply call it soul searching. I’m coming at a crossroads – and to a certain extent I guess I’ve been pondering about my next move. Singapore has been home for about 5 years now and I can’t complain about my life here. Amazing isn’t enough to capture the life I’ve led and am leading here. Singapore is a nice little bubble of a city to stay in and I’ve fallen into a comfortable routine of sorts – to the extent that I feel like I’ve found “home” – but deep down I’ve always known that I’m looking for something still.

NYC and Hong KongSuffice to say my travels the past few months – Hong Kong and New York of late – have shed some light on where I want to be next or even maybe what I want to do next. And it has been enlightening. So I guess I HAVE been soul searching. Changes to be made all around – even my blog is up for a face-lift in the next few weeks so do watch out for that – and I am ecstatic. Of course you’ll have to watch out for my posts on my Hong Kong and New York trips – I’ve seen so much and had so much fun that it’s sad I haven’t written on the go. But experiencing the cities and spending time with the people I was with was more important, rather than focusing on what to write about. So, you guys’ll have to make do with throwback posts ;)

NYCAnyhow, change is coming – and I am beyond excited! Being impatient is a detriment at this point so I’ll have to watch my impulsiveness but I know all these change(s) are for the best and I’ll get there. For now – do watch this space!!

xoxo Aela

On Me: 1st Photo (left) – Bow and Arty Ring from Saint Laurent Paris, Shirt from Calvin Klein, Blazer from Zara, Bracelet from Hermes, Glasses from Prada. 1st Photo (right) – Hat from Emporio Armani, Glasses from Prada, Blazer from Karl Lagerfeld. 2nd Photo (left) – Blazer and Bracelet from Saint Laurent Paris, Shirt, Shorts and Ring from Calvin Klein, Ring from Bvlgari, Sandals from Chanel. 2nd Photo (right) – Bow, Bracelet, Belt and Shoes from Saint Laurent Paris, Shirt and Ring from Calvin Klein, Ring from Bvlgari, Blazer from Zara, Hat from Maison Michel Paris.


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