Star Studded

Bolero from Givenchy, Sneakers from Mulberry, Bracelet from Balenciaga

Following on this series of Givenchy SS2013 posts is this gorgeous one of a kind bolero. It was just too beautiful to pass up and the stars around the neck just makes for a damn good statement. What better way than to make a punctuation that I’m a star no? Lol.

Star Studdeda.Fasione

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4 Responses to STAR STUDDED

  1. Curious says:

    Hey there. You always seems to be in a fitting room. Do you ever buy them or just trying them on?

  2. H says:

    Hi, are your givenchy tee from orchard paragon? If not where can I get them, thx

    • aela says:

      Yes my Givenchy shirts are mostly from Orchard Paragon or alternatively I take them from Luisaviaroma. The only thing with Orchard Paragon is you’ll have to be in close contact with the SAs there if you want something as these shirts sell out fast.

      They have quite a few pieces in for FW2013 that are nice so would recommend that you pop by there to check them out!

      Hope this helps.

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